Private Schools, Public Vice

Recently, Tristram Hunt, Shadow Secretary of State for Education, announced that if elected, Labour will introduce a ‘School Partnership Standard’ which would require all private schools ‘to form genuine and accountable partnerships with state schools’. Hunt wants to see ‘more private schools running summer schools, sponsoring academies, assisting state boarding schools and assisting professional exchange.’… Read More Private Schools, Public Vice

Should the West Have Boycotted the Sochi Olympics?

(Written around March 2014) The Olympic Games are far more than a sports event. They are an opportunity for the host country to bolster its image on the world stage; to exhibit  its diplomatic, economic and cultural prominence. When, this year, it was Russia’s turn to showcase the Winter Olympics in Sochi, Prsident Vladimir Putin’s aspirations were… Read More Should the West Have Boycotted the Sochi Olympics?