Why was the British slave trade abolished in 1807?

On 25th March 1807 the Slavery Abolition Act was passed in Parliament, ending the legal trade in slaves throughout the British Empire. Only fifty years prior to the passing of the act, abolishing the slave trade would have been inconceivable––slavery had been central to the British economy for over 200 years, and had served as […]

Class and Shell Shock during the First World War

PDF with references available >here< How did class influence the diagnosis and treatment of shell-shock in Britain during the First World War? The Great War was the largest, most industrialised and destructive war that had ever been fought. And the effect of war on the Western Front on the minds, as well as the bodies, of […]

Post-war Britain and its role in international charity and development campaigns

Here is an essay I recently completed for one of my classes on the significance of British involvement in international charity and development work in the early post-war era. For references and bibliography, please see the original PDF file here.  To what extent did early development work and international charity campaigns mark a shift in thinking about […]